the yarn live in september – back to the nest


Can we ever go home again? Is it comfort or terror that awaits? In September, the Yarn will be going ‘Back to the Nest’, and we want to hear your stories! Join us on Wednesday September 5th from 7pm at the Northcote Book Grocer for the next instalment of the ongoing, unravelling Yarn. Interested in sharing your story? Let us know via email at

See you there 😉


2 thoughts on “the yarn live in september – back to the nest

  1. That image is incredibly evocative. I’ve just put your Sept 5 session into my diary – haven’t made one before, so looking forward to checking out what you\’re doing. I have (well, my theatre company has (Barking Spider Visual Theatre), a show on at Theatre Works at the mo (’til Sept 1), ”The Memorandium\”, where story telling is at the heart of it. We gather memories from the audience, and then improvise stories interweaving and combining these memories. Might be interesting for you to have a look at. (Here’s a link to one review: – should give you an idea of what it\’s about.
    Great work though!
    See you on September 5th.

    • Hi Penelope! It’s a cool image yeah? It was constructed in Germany in 78 – check the floating caption if you want the artist/photographer’s name. Have read about your show, it sounds great and we’ll certainly try and get along if assignments don’t get in the way. Theatre Works is a great venue and your show sounds v. cool. If we don’t see you in St Kilda, look forward to meeting you at the Yarn. Regards, Brendan

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