welcome to the yarn


Few things in life are as satisfying as hearing a good story told well. For some it comes easy; others discover that their stories, too, can have power. And everyone, everyone has a story to tell.

Beginning May 2 at The Book Grocer in Northcote, The Yarn is a home for those who relish the sharing of life and the telling of its stories. Four speakers take to the stage – to make us think, make us laugh, pause to wonder, or even to move us – sharing tales spun from the fabric of their life, illuminating the human side of the things that matter.

It’s anecdotal. It’s personal. It’s polished. And it’s open to all.

The Yarn is a vibrant and energetic addition to the Melbourne story-telling culture, with bimonthly events and an accompanying monthly podcast with featured tales. If you have the words, we have the ears.

See you at the Yarn.