the yarn live in september – back to the nest



Can we ever go home again? Is it comfort or terror that awaits? In September, the Yarn will be going ‘Back to the Nest’, and we want to hear your stories! Join us on Wednesday September 5th from 7pm at the Northcote Book Grocer for the next instalment of the ongoing, unravelling Yarn. Interested in sharing your story? Let us know via email at

See you there šŸ˜‰


who’d have thought? stories everywhere!

There has been a lot of interest in and coverage of the growth of the live storytelling scene in Australia. This Radio National program asks, why? Is it a response to the soulless nature of the modern media landscape, or ‘just another outlet for our insatiable hunger for 15 minutes in the spotlight?’

Perhaps a third option is left out of that suggestion – a natural manifestation of a longstanding tradition, spreading into an increasingly networked world? We’re not sure, but people sure are taking notice…

Everguide has a good overview of the growing sceneĀ here, but there are other nights in Melbourne that have gone overlooked in the recent coverage. Check outĀ Hearth Tales at the Abbotsford Convent, as well asĀ for your fix. Each storytelling night has its own flavour, so drop in on each one if opportunity allows and say hello – perhaps you’ll find yourself getting hooked…